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Tarr Steps

If you’re looking to explore the Exmoor National Park then Tarr Steps is a great place to start. This is one of our favourite places to take the dogs.  There is an on-site car park with toilet facilities, although it is wise to go early in high season as it can get very busy!  From here  you can walk down to the ancient clapper bridge.

There is a short circular walk from the bridge along the River Barle following the orange way marks. There are plenty of spots along this walk to stop for a picnic or let the dogs have a swim. Or if you prefer, Tarr Farm Inn is a great option for lunch.

Ancient Clapper Bridge

Tarr Steps is the longest (54m) clapper bridge left in Britain. It is constructed from huge slabs and boulders and has been repaired several times when flood water has washed the stones downstream. The term ‘clapper’ comes from the Latin word ‘ claperius’ meaning a pile of stones.  

The name ‘Tarr’ is thought to come from the Celtic word ‘tochar’, meaning ’causeway’. The bridge only exists because of the local sedimentary rocks which make it possible.  

clapper bridge